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Beth Booth



Beth Booth’s love of art began in childhood and as she grew, so did her passion. She told herself if she was lucky enough to retire someday, she would devote her time to learning watercolor, a medium she had always found daunting.

In 2008, fortune smiled, as it sometimes does, and Beth retired at 56 and moved to Florida. She kept her promise to herself and began a self-taught course in watercolor. When Covid came knocking in 2020, Beth had already learned to love this magical medium, but now painting became a daily practice that kept her anxiety and depression at bay.

By March 2021, Beth had gained the confidence and the number of pieces to have a successful one-woman show at Penguin Point (now defunct) in the Oviedo Mall.

The following year, Beth was introduced to Sharon Hunt, a P.O.W. Artist (Pastels, Oils and Watercolor) and they became good friends. Sharon shared with Beth things she could do to advance her art journey. Beth became a member of Sanford Seminole Art Association (SSAA) and painted with the Casselberry Seniors at the Casselberry Art House.

When the P.O.W. Artists sent a Call to Artists, Beth submitted pieces that were accepted and exhibited at JamArt Gallery. She continued submitting as a “friend” of the P.O.W. Artists for two years and won several ribbons for her work. On March 7, 2024, she officially became a member.

Besides JamArt, Beth’s work has been displayed in the Casselberry Art House, the Casselberry and Maitland Public Libraries, Advent Health Altamonte Springs, Gateway Center for the Performing Arts in DeBary, FL and in the Mayflower at Winter Park. She has recently had work accepted for exhibit at the Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center and will participate in their on-line auction

Thatched Cottage
Old Senator
Covered Bridge
Daigoji Temple Kyoto Japan
The Park
Down the Country Road
The Bandstand
Thousand Islands
Sunset on the Bay
Rondout Lighthouse
Cape May Cafe
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