Carissa Imel


Carissa's passion is capturing the beautiful soul of all things through photography. She has always shared a connection with animals, especially dolphins. Every animal has a story to tell and it takes time and patience to truly understand them. She hopes to inspire others through her art, by having anyone that looks into the eyes of the animals to be overcome with a sense of happiness, relaxation, or have their minds transported away from reality.

Her parents have encouraged her in all forms of art ever since she was a little girl, from photography, painting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and more. Fortunately, she found someone to marry that enjoys being just as creative and always up for an adventure of fun. She has had great friends’ mentor her in photography and taken any opportunity to grow in the field. She has photographed for Discovery Cove, A.P.E.S Sanctuary, Leesburg Humane Society, Strut your Mutt, Royal Rag to Riches, Florida Plus Realty, Fused Glass Frenzy, Weddings, Senior Portraits, Family, & Friends.

She loves to collaborate with others and create amazing moments. She is the Official 'Paw'otgrapher for

Royal Rags to Riches and even had one of

her photos on the side of a Race Car!!