Delores Haberkorn


Art reflects the beauty of the world as we see it and as it could be. Delores shares what she sees by the use of colors and mediums that best illustrate her unique vision of the world.


Delores Haberkorn is an unassuming, authentic and skilled artist whose curiosity makes her an intense listener and an approachable conversationalist. Haberkorn is a highly skilled technical painter of the world that she perceives and the worlds that she creates in her art.


"We are only here for a blink of the eye. We should use whatever gifts we have to show the beauty of the world and make it a better place."

A favored quote of Haberkorn truly reflects who she is.


Haberkorn's diverse career and travels around the world have inspired her as an artist to create original, interpretive works, Admirers appreciate her perspective and find personal meaning in her paintings."You could call Dee a "Jill of all trades." She's been a soda jerk, a lab assistant, a sales girl, a maid, a cake decorator,a partner in a thriving landscaping business and an accomplished award winning artist.That's part of what makes her special. Said E.B. Flower, Haberkorn's friend and consultant.


Haberkorn is involved with The Maitland Art and Historic Association. Artists League of Orange County, Sanford Seminole Art Association, Gateway Center for the Arts, Winter Garden Art Association and working to further her skills, creativity, and general art knowledge. Her works cover a variety of subjects including landscapes, portraits, abstracts, and be still lifes. Haberkorn also incorporates her interest as an animal enthusiast into her work by painting domestic and wild animal life. 


Excelling in whatever media Haberkorn chooses, she continues to create and sell her thoughtful and poetic artwork to fans and collectors worldwide.