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I've always been attracted to bright colors. I love mixing them and seeing them move across the canvas. Though I have painted to render a particular subject matter, I love the free spirit of abstract painting. I can use a live subject and my imagination at the same time. That is why I chose the website name Imagine Art Designs by Michele.


Having been a native New Yorker, I was exposed to the Arts and the wonderful museums at an early age . It was exciting to see all of the great works of famous artist on the walls in person. I imagined growing up to be a famous artist too. 

Going to a very large high school in N.Y.C., allowed me to major in art. The chairman of the department only asked a few students from our school to take part in life drawing at the Brooklyn Museum, and I was lucky to be one of them. Even though I was exposed to many mediums, I was a sketch artist for many years.  Majoring in Art at Cortland State University opened the door to exploring many different mediums. on a deeper level. I learned how to stretch my own canvases and to use color. I learned how to "see" what I was painting.  Cortland State also exposed me to special needs children. Though Art has remained an important focus in my life, I found myself wanting to spend more time with these kids.  As a professional artist, a portion of my profits will go towards serving these children. 

Being a member of  P.O.W. Artists, a local artists group in Casselberry, Florida, is a great privilege. Here we support each other, sharing our ideas and exhibiting our art. We believe in giving back to the community, and that art is a spiritual aspect in each one of us. We have three major exhibits a year, plus we share and support each other as professional artists.



Michele Niemi

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