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Each Artist has a personal message of inspiration to share through the expression of Art
Online display of all submitting Artists

Each piece of work is for Sale! If you would like to learn more about a particular piece or to  purchase, please reach out to

Alvina Hilborn - Awareness

Alvina Hilborn - In The Mist

Anu Krishman - Covered Bridge

Deborah Morris - Hope 2

Deborah Morris - Hope 1

Judith Segall - You And I Shall Change The World

John Kuhn - Orchids

John Kuhn - Tucker

Judith Segall -
Shalom Peace

John Kuhn - Northern Wisconsin Small Log Cottage

Tiffany Bunch - Tentacles Of Recovery

Tiffany Bunch - Love Conquers All

Lynne Hlavin -
Remembering  Henri

Kurt Harris - Beach Umbrellas

Linda Amudsen - Nesting Time

Joyce Hayes - The Remedy Of Joy

Tim Niemi  - Misty Morning

Tim Niemi - Generation To Generation

Kurt Harris - Taking Flight

Omayra Lopez - Treasure of the Heart

Omayra Lopez -
Phoenix Rising

Joyce Hayes - Sacral Power

Kenneth Harris -
Love Is The Answer

Kenneth Harris - Song Of Inspiration

Omayra Lopez -
Its In The Roots

Kenneth Harris - Feels Like A Broken Fence...Art Heals

Kenneth Harris - Our Children Our Future

Michele Niemi  - Men At The Wall

Michele Niemi - Body Mind And Spirit

Kenneth Harris - Arts Heals

Michele Niemi - Heavenly

Michele Niemi - Cozy Turtle

Sharon Hunt - Blessed By The Beauty Of Nature

Sharon Hunt - Tranquility Amidst  the Beauty Of Nature

Sharon Hunt - O Beautiful For Spacious Skies

Sharon Hunt - Florida Sunset

Sharon Hunt - Winged Beauty

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