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Joyce Hayes



JOY HAYES is a versatile artist having explored many different mediums and styles, but she is best known for producing pastel illustrations and portraits. In the medium of pastel renderings Joy is a self-taught artist. Having spent numerous years mastering the blending of pastel colors using her fingertips, she brings the canvas to life. Joys’ illustrations have been used in many publications in New York, and Georgia. Joy studied fashion and pictorial illustration at The Newark School of Fine & Industrial Arts. Her art has been exhibited in such Galleries as The African American Museum of Art, Jamart Gallery Bloomingdales at Millenia, Orlando City Hall,Winter Garden City Hall, The Heritage Center, The Orange County Administration Building, Harris House of New Smyrna, Metro Galleries in Orlando, Florida Hospital, Park Drive Gallery, The Deltona Arts and Historical Center and Casselberry Art House, The Hub on Canal of New Smyrna Beach, Bethune Cookman Visual Arts Gallery, City of Arts factory of Orlando, The Yvonne Scarlet Golden Cultural Center, Three Masks Inc. of Orlando, Debary City Hall, City Hall of Casselberry Fl., and The Sanford Flower Shop and more. Joy now resides in Florida where she continues to share her creativity with the world.


 My art is simply my interpreted visualizations of the beauty of life's expressions and moments. Many of my images are involving people and I try to depict a positive message or feeling. Most of my artwork is done in either pastels, Acrylics or oils. I believe color heals and energizes the spirit of us all. When I touch the canvas my heart beats with excitement as I am inspired to create. It begins with a sketch from my mind or from a photo. Then my artist eye chooses from memory or from what I see, a formula and layering of colors that will bring this illusion to life. Each new piece whether it is simply an expression from my soul, or from the one who admires and desires to paint, brings emotional satisfaction upon its birth. Each new birth brings growth as I learn something new about the gift that I have been given. 

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